This conference is devoted to the study of quantum knot homologies and related invariants. The name of this area of research already indicates that this is an interdisciplinary topic: such homologies are of interest to mathematicians (in particular topologists and representation theorists), while quantum phenomena have in principle their origin in physics. There are communities of both mathematicians and physicists who work on these topics from different perspectives, they use different tools, and sometimes the same tools but described in different languages. The main aim of the conference is to bring researchers from those two communities together, establish a common language and explain important results to each other, summarize the status of the field, and specify goals and set a common program for future research.

        Sergei Gukov, California Institute of Technology
        Mikhail Khovanov, Columbia University
        Andrew Lobb, Durham University
        Piotr SuĊ‚kowski, University of Warsaw

Deadline to apply: December 15, 2017

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Dates & Time

March 4-10, 2018


Aspen Center for Physics, Aspen, USA



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